Guest – John Furey

John Furey founded the MindTime Project in 1997.

After moving to Africa from Switzerland, he became fascinated with how such diverse cultures appeared to think very differently. He has since dedicated himself to investigating the phenomenon of thinking and has pioneered much highly regarded science and theory in this realm.

He has worked with numerous thought experts including Professor Dan Ariely at MIT, Dr. Vincent Fortunato (formerly at Boise State University and now a MindTime Project member) and a variety of linguists, psychologists, and management experts.

He created the first online psychology profile in 1994, which some regard as a watershed moment for the field of psychology, and later leveraged his TimeStyle Profile as the cornerstone for a successful consulting and organizational development firm that he built.

He later innovated a variety of applications that use the theory of MindTime and his thinking style profile as their framework. His innovations have led to breakthrough insights into group dynamics and organizational thinking.

They have also helped inform an answer to the age old question, Who are we? And, what is our relationship to other people, the environment we create, the things we fill it with, and the people we invite into our lives? His current work in Mapping the World of Thinking promises to change the way we think about people's choices and online behaviors.

John has done extensive work internationally and has enjoyed years of fruitful collaboration with teams at The Nature Conservancy, the Royal Bank of Canada, Merrill Lynch, and Hewlett Packard, among others. He is MindTime’s chief visionary, seeking to change the way people and societies think and collaborate together. John has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows, including National Public Radio, has spoken as a guest lecturer at major university campuses, and has spoken at and led workshops and retreats in many countries around the world.

First educated in Switzerland and then at a top formal public school in England, he later went on to study at Oxford CFE and ultimately gained his professional diploma in photojournalism at the Royal Berkshire College of Art. He was chosen as a Royal photographer straight out of college. Through self-study and the development of his ideas, he has become respected by scientists, psychologists, and educationalists, earning himself a place at the table in the discussion of advanced behavioral psychology and organizational development. He has co-authored two scientific papers with his colleague Dr. Vincent Fortunato, who believes that John's theory of how people think will become the dominant theory of individual differences.