Guest – Markus Rothkranz

Living in a solar powered home and looking younger at 47 than he did in his twenties, Markus Rothkranz is a living breathing Renaissance man... a true role model of how amazing our life can be when we take matters into our own hands. At age 9 Markus gave a speech on exponential evolution. He knew the moment he was born that in this lifetime the next step of human evolution would happen. At 13 he made the New York Times. At 16 he won an automotive design contest. By 17 he was in advanced electronics and hypothetical physics. By 18 he copied a famous masters oil painting stroke for stroke in only a few days. By 19 he was working with architectural firms. By 23 he was doing Hollywood FX design work on films like Total Recall, Die Hard, Red Planet. In 1994 he wrote and directed his own 2 million dollar worldwide motion picture, doing much of his own cinematography and personally built over 200 miniature models. By 46 he proved anti-aging and disease eradication and is now set for his greatest undertaking ever- the World Health Project -healing the world and awakening the planet to a new way of living in body,mind and spirit. Imagine never getting sick again and living to 150. Fueled by undying love, spiritual magic and the romantic passion of a true Leo, Markus is about to give the world a show it will never forget. His book is available at