Guest – Rob Reed

Rob is the visionary behind Max Gladwell, a leading independent blog that covers the nexus of social media and green living. Reed is a career-long journalist, marketer, and entrepreneur. He served as editor and senior editor for Bike and Powder magazines respectively and wrote frequently for National Geographic Adventure, Men's Journal, and Stuff magazines. In 2005, Reed wrote The Way of the Snowboarder, a book on the history and subculture of snowboarding, which was published by Harry Abrams Books. Reed then joined Earth Biofuels, Inc. as Director of Marketing and Communications, where he was responsible for Willie Nelson's BioWillie biodiesel brand. He later collaborated with Julia Roberts on, which seeks to broaden awareness about the health risks associated with diesel school buses, and successfully lobbied for legislation to support these efforts. This lead to the launch of, a blog about health in educational environments. Additionally, Reed was responsible for the branding and marketing of Conserv Fuel, a "green filling station" in Brentwood, CA, that sells B99 biodiesel and E85 ethanol.