Guest – Lorrie Thomas

Lorrie Thomas, M.A., is a Marketing Therapist and the big brain behind Web Marketing Therapy (WMT), a “teaching-organization” brainpower agency of “wild web women” that diagnoses, guides, prescribes and offers safe web marketing treatment options.  Their custom approach to each client addresses the cause of marketing (vs. band-aiding symptoms with binge and purge web marketing execution) so a healthy foundation is set to build and grow from.  WMT fights the cause for healthy marketing, as that is what makes organizations wealthy.  Her agency conducts web marketing clinics and self-help educational services like webinars, whitepapers and online workshops.
Lorrie speaks nationally as a “motivational marketing” expert.  She teaches people how to think strategically on various web marketing related subjects.   When she is not running her agency or speaking, she loves being in the classroom.  She teaches Web Marketing Applications, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing Applications classes at UCSB Extension and UC Berkeley Extension.
Lorrie’s diseased entrepreneurialism started when she launched a solo web marketing consultancy, Lorrie Thomas Web Marketing (LTWM) in 2005 to help small business owners use the web to make their businesses BIG.  
Before starting LTWM, Ms. Thomas served as Web Marketing Director at ProHealth, Inc, a patient owned company that is dedicated to research and funding for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Previously, Ms. Thomas was the Internet Marketing Manager at Affinity Group, Inc. (AGI), where she acted as their internal web marketing consultant. Her contributions included managing affiliate and search engine marketing programs for several outdoor recreation brands including, The Good Sam Club, Trailer Life Enterprises and other outdoor recreation businesses.
Prior to working for AGI, Ms. Thomas was the Marketing Manager at CallWave, where she was responsible for online acquisition through online media buys, search marketing and affiliate program development. Ms. Thomas also served CallWave as National Sales Manager, selling online advertising inventory to create a revenue stream before the company became a subscriber-based service.
Ms. Thomas was on the founding team at ValueClick Media, a leading online advertising network, where her sales revenue contributed to company’s public offering in 2000.
Lorrie is all about meaningful marketing momentum.  Her industry expertise encompasses developing web marketing strategy, optimizing websites, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, selling and buying online advertising and educating students and businesses on a variety of web marketing-related topics.
Web Marketing Therapy and Lorrie Thomas Web Marketing, LLC are members of 1% for the Planet, a growing global movement of 1141 companies that donate 1% of their sales to a network of more than 1,738 environmental organizations worldwide.