Guest – Clark Kokich

Clark Kokich, has been recently promoted to Chairman from global president and CEO of Razorfish, one of the largest digital marketing companies in the world and one of the largest buyers of digital advertising space. He has held this position since September 2005, having held several other leadership positions since joining the company in 1999.

Clark is leading an era of significant expansion at Razorfish.  In just the last three years, the company has acquired digital marketing firms in Europe (Germany, France, the UK and Spain) and Asia-Pacific (Australia, China and Hong Kong). In 2007, the company bought a minority stake in Digital Palette, a subsidiary of Dentsu Inc., making Razorfish the second largest shareholder after Denstu. That year, Digital Palette was renamed Dentsu | Razorfish.

Furthermore, Clark is setting the company’s agenda to become the agency of the future by solving clients’ pressing problems through transformational business ideas. As part of this initiative, he is talking around the world with employees and clients about the power that digital technologies have in fundamentally changing the way companies do business—beginning with R&D, continuing through every department a product touches, an extending through the marketing, sales and customer-service chain. He has written influential articles on the “client of the future,” in which he espouses the idea of tearing down departmental silos to improve business performance; and also on creating consumer-driven, digital experiences that exceed the power of push advertising.

Before joining Razorfish, Clark was president and CEO of apparel retailer Calla Bay, head of sales and marketing for a division of McCaw Cellular Communications, and EVP and GM of WPP ad agency Cole & Weber in Seattle.

He has been quoted in The New York Times, Financial Times, Ad Age and AdWeek, and has spoken at conferences around the world, included Federated Media Conversational Marketing, ad-tech Paris and iMedia Brand Summit.

Formerly owned by aQuantive, Razorfish became an independent subsidiary of Microsoft in August 2007.