Guest – Triambika

Triambika is a professional intimacy coach and international tantric educator.

Having spent the last twelve years diving deep into eastern studies, Triambika has devoted much of her adult life to the study and practice of Tantra yoga and the union of Spirit and sex.

From an early age Triambika sought to find a way to mend the split between her inherent sexual self and her deep felt connection to the Divine. She began her career as a massage therapist. Conscious touch being one of her many gifts, she has trained in various massage modalities including Lomi-Lomi, acupressure, and neuromuscular reprogramming.

Triambika's education of conscious sexuality comes from a variety of sources including certification as an advanced Tantric Educator through Charles Muir's Source School of Tantra, Erotic Spirituality Educators training with Taj Anapol, Sexual Chi Gung, Body Electric, Level I Quadoshka The Pleasure course level I and II, San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) training, and various other classes, resources and an abundance of life experience as a sexual healer and coach.

Triambika is a yogini at heart. Her main education in Hatha yoga has come from teacher trainings in Ashtanga with Greenpath Yoga studio and Adi Yoga with Trika Institute.

In 2002 she took initiation into a Kashmir Shaivist Tantric lineage, where she took her personal practice and learning to a deeper level. Since then, she has received numerous experiential, verbal and non-verbal teachings of this non-dual ancient tradition. Owing much of her training in classical tantra to her beloved gurus of the Sarasvati lineage as well as Kali Ma, Triambika is well versed in yogic and tantric philosophy in addition to being an adept practitioner.

Triambika is available for private coaching, phone counseling, lectures and classes upon request.