Guest – John H. Doyle II

Established by John Doyle, Peachtree Media Advisors, Inc. serves the interactive marketing, digital and out-of-home sectors of media.  Mr. Doyle has more than twelve years of media investment banking experience, having worked as a senior level investment banker at Veronis Suhler Stevenson and JEGI. 

After graduating from Dartmouth College In 1995 with a double major of Engineering and Economics, Mr. Doyle specialized in the business information services and specialty media and marketing services at Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS).  While at VSS, Mr. Doyle performed M&A advisory services to sell-side and buy-side clients, in addition to developing platform acquisition strategies, performing leveraged buy out analysis and conducting due diligence for the VSS private equity funds. 

In 2000, Mr. Doyle successfully launched a digital production company in Los Angeles, CA, developing both online and offline digital content.  In 2001, the company transitioned to focusing solely on raising money for offline film and television projects.  Mr. Doyle has worked with Conde Nast, Fox Cable Networks, 20th Century Fox, Writers & Artists Agency and Revolution Studios.

In 2004, Mr. Doyle returned to media investment banking with The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc.  His primary responsibilities included developing qualitative and quantitative analytical materials at each phase of the M&A transaction process.  Highly experienced in valuing, analyzing and positioning media businesses, Mr. Doyle was responsible for closing more than ten media M&A transactions.
Peachtree Media Advisors, Inc. was established to serve the merger and acquisition advisory needs of the interactive marketing, digital consumer and out-of-home sectors of media. 

With a substantial amount of media operations and investment banking experience, Mr. Doyle is able to deliver expert advice in valuing new media assets, positioning companies during the sale process, developing information memoranda to send to potential buyers or investors, coaching management through presentations, developing bids/deal structure analysis and managing the due diligence process to closing.