Guest – Leo Babauta

Leo Baubauta is one of the fathers of the Internet-based the personal productivity movement. He is the lead blogger at, which has 80,000 regular readers putting it in the upper echelons of personal Weblogs.
Leo is not your typical blogger, nor your typical productivity guru, which is the category most of his loyal followers would place him in. Despite being one of the top bloggers on the Internet, Leo remains ever humble about his status as an Internet blogging legend. When we asked him for his bio, he told us that he really had no formal qualifications. He says he is just a regular guy, a father of six kids, a husband, a worker, and a free-lance writer and blogger. But he says accomplished a lot over the last year, failed at times, and along the way has learned a lot. His past accomplishments, which he regularly shares with his readership, have included quitting smoking, becoming a marathon runner and triathelete, becoming more organized, eating healthier via a vegetarian diet, doubling his income, writing a novel, getting control of his finances, eliminating all of his debt, and generally creating and simpler and happier life for himself.