Guest – Susan Crain Bakos


As an outspoken champion of female sexual empowerment, I am here to enhance your sex life. I am a research sexologist, a sex educator, a magazine journalist--with credits from The Ladies Home Journal to Penthouse--the author of fifteen books and a ghostwriter. Listening and talking to people about their most intimate erotic experiences comes easily to me; and I believe that this is a healing skill. We express our core identities through our sexuality. I support and celebrate your choices freely made. And I stand up for female sexuality at every age and stage of life. Ah, but I also love men. I am a natural born flirt. As an aging Boomer, I want to be an example of sexual freedom, especially to my sister Cougars and younger women. I am the outrageous Auntie Mame (with the latest science of sex studies in her overnight bag along with the scarves and pearls and black lace-topped thigh high stockings) who gives her married sister a vibrator for Mother's Day and adores her young nieces. I will always be on your side. And I want men to know that I will be pleading their case too.