Guest – Shama Helena

For more than a decade, Shama has been a dynamic force in the Los Angeles community.  As a lecturer, writer, educator and media personality, she has brought a renewed sense of potential for a better life and world to all those she touches. is the realization of a dream she has held for over ten years to share her wisdom and to feature others on the leading edge of creating enlightened solutions for the challenges we face today through her Love n’ Life show.  Her mission is to:

*inspire others to live their passion and,
* to manifest their wildest dreams and,
* to connect others of like mind to fuel and support those dreams.

She has a successful private practice working with individuals and couples in bettering their lives and relationships through her talents and training in many different counseling and healing modalities.  Shama offers over 15 years of experience as a hypnotherapist and chemical dependency counselor. She is also trained in Tantra, shamanic psychology and various healing techniques in energy and bodywork. As an author, educator, group facilitator, and counselor, she specializes in sexual, chemical, and self-esteem issues.