Guest – Don Ferrier

Don Ferrier, president of Ferrier Custom Homes, is the third generation of the Ferrier family in the quality construction business.

Don Ferrier's grandfather, Alexander Ferrier, a general contractor/stonemason, immigrated to this country from Scotland in 1881 with his brother David Ferrier to assist with construction of the Texas State Capitol. Later Alexander and David formed a partnership with Albert Wirz [Ferrier Brothers and Wirz] and they constructed stone courthouses, schools, churches, hotels, banks, houses and bridges throughout Texas. Alexander's sons Otho, Otto and Mack remained in the contracting business and constructed hundreds of bridges and roads throughout Texas as Ferrier Brothers Bridge Company.

Following in his grandfather's, father's and uncles' footsteps, Don Ferrier carried on the construction heritage when he established Ferrier Builders, Inc. in 1984. With his background in structural concrete, Don built many of the early generation energy efficient homes across North Texas which were earth-sheltered (earth bermed with concrete floors, walls & roof). As technology continued to evolve & advance, so did the homes Ferrier built, and in 2004 Ferrier Builders established Ferrier Custom Homes.

Honored to be named the National Association of Home Builder’s Green Builder Advocate of the year, Don’s passion for sustainable construction has been coursing through his veins since the early 80’s. Representing the 3rd generation of the Ferrier Companies, Don is no stranger to construction. He is a true visionary of energy efficiency, sustainable construction techniques, and travels across the US educating & guiding those within the industry & beyond on its inherent benefits. In his free time Don enjoys outdoor adventures, running, gardening & missions work.