Guest – Julie Nise

Before receiving her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology in 1996, Julie worked for 20 years in sales and management for high-tech medical device corporations. She has also worked in emergency medicine as an EMT and knows first hand the value that can be brought to our live when we lose weight, stop smoking, and learn how to manage stress.

Besides this extensive business/corporate background, Julie has had a wide variety of clinical training including experience in marriage and couple communication work, premarital preparation, high-risk teens, sexual abuse, impulse control, career/life counseling, and family therapy.

Julie has special training in Dr. Phil's methods and approach, and she often sees clients referred from the show. She was invited to appear on the Dr. Phil Show three times in the last 2 years. Julie has had a successful private practice since 2004 and currently provides hypnosis and coaching services to people from all over the country in weight loss, personal confidence improvement and relationship counseling.