Guest – Kipling Rutherford

Kipling Rutherford, Marketing Coordinator for Ecover, ecological cleaning products, is primarily responsible for the management of North American advertising for the company and designs a majority of the ads and public relations materials.

Rutherford has also developed many exciting events for Ecover including projects that educate residents in various watershed areas regarding the presence of phosphates in conventional cleaning products and the risk they pose to their watersheds and aquatic life. She has cultivated many successful relationships with organizations including Surfrider and Heal the Bay that find unique ways to fundraise for environmental causes.

Kipling Rutherford has been with Ecover, Inc. since she was a college student, working part time as an office administrator, answering phones and processing orders.  In 2004, as the company grew, and Rutherford wrapped up her studies, she made a natural transition to working with Ecover to develop media relations and marketing full time. 

Socially and environmentally conscious from a very young age, Rutherford held her first war-protest at age 9 on her elementary schoolyard and started a recycling program the same year.  Rutherford has a B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and lives on an old cactus farm.