Guest – Alex Bogusky

Things you don’t know about Alex Bogusky.
He loses his wallet way more often than most people.  He would be perfectly content eating Tex Mex food every day for the rest of his life.  He has a powerful fist that comes down on a conference room table with peremptory authority.  Most Mondays, he will come to work with at least one grisly, blood-oozing injury that will force you to look away.  He almost never drinks, but when he does he will either order red wine or tequila, depending on how upscale the venue is.  He has the attention span of a mating fruit fly. In grade school, his teacher recommended he be put in a special class.  He owns eleven bicycles, three dirt bikes and one chopper.  He has a photographic memory, but only for ads.  He has an irrational dislike of St. Louis.  At one time, he was a good enough windsurfer to turn pro. His mom and dad are both talented designers.  His dad, Bill Bogusky, designed the uniforms for the Miami Floridians of the old ABA.  He cuts his own hair. With a Flowbie.  
Things you most likely already know about Alex Bogusky.
He started at what was then called Crispin and Porter Advertising in 1987 as an art director.  He became Creative Director of the agency five years later and was named a partner in 1997.  Under his direction, the agency has become arguably one of the world’s most awarded.  Alex has been profiled in Luerzer’s Archive, Communication Arts, Graphis, Adweek and Creativity.  His work has been featured in Business Week, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Newsweek, TIME, Adweek, Brandweek, Advertising Age and Creativity as well as on national television and radio. In 2002, Alex was inducted into the American Advertising Federation’s Hall of Achievement.