Guest – Frank Wildman

Frank Wildman is an exceptionally stimulating, generous, and knowledgeable teacher. He has a unique way of clarifying the relationship of the Feldenkrais Method to contemporary intellectual and scientific trends.

— Yvan Joly, Feldenkrais Trainer & Psychologist

Frank Wildman GCFT. Ph.D.
Founder and educational director of The Feldenkrais® Movement Institute

Dr. Frank Wildman is one of the few teachers and clinicians in the world today with the capability to understand and work with the human condition through posture and movement. Dr. Wildman's life-long passions in the study of evolution, movement arts and somatic psychology and his exceptional talents as a practitioner have culminated in a rich and profound body of work.

A former professional dancer, Dr.Wildman holds degrees in physical education, biology and somatic psychology. In his lectures and teachings Dr. Wildman draws from his eclectic training to ingeniously demonstrate the complex fusion of mind, movement and emotion in human individuals.

Dr. Wildman studied for more than a decade with the creator of the Feldenkrais Method®, renowned physicist, engineer and Judo Master Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. Dr. Wildman conducted the first accredited Feldenkrais Practitioner Training after Dr. Feldenkrais' death in 1984. He is past president of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America and formulated the Standards of Practice, which today serve as the defining guidelines for the Feldenkrais Method® internationally. Wildman brought the Feldenkrais Method® to Australia where, aided by the sponsorship of Sydney University, he created seminars and Professional Trainings for two decades.

Dr. Wildman is widely recognized for introducing the clinical applications of the Feldenkrais Method® to the medical community and other health professions. He has designed programs at the University of California to help alleviate back pain and aging-related ailments and continues to expand the scope of The Feldenkrais Method by presenting it to the medical community as an effective method of sensory-motor

education. He has also coached many of today's top Feldenkrais Practitioners on effective ways to bring the Method to thousands of Physical and Occupational Therapists throughout the world. Wildman is founder and director of the Feldenkrais Movement Institute. He consults and works privately with individuals in California, New York, and Australia.

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