Guest – Sherry Froman

Sherry Froman has been involved in the creative and healing arts throughout most of her life.  She began playing music at the tender age of 3, following in her father's footsteps of being a child prodigy musician.  In high school, she lived and breathed theater, with dreams of becoming a professional filmmaker.  During college, she spent a year in Santa Barbara going to Brooks Institute of Photography and Cinematography, but the technical curriculum was not her style and at age 23, Sherry decided to go through a big life change.

In 1996, Sherry moved to Harbin Hot Springs to study massage therapy, but learned so much more during her time there than planned.  Along with accumulating over 1000 hours of therapeutic massage training, she also studied health, yoga, tantra, herbs, and spirituality.  After moving first to Sebastopol in 1999, then Oakland, and currently San Francisco, Sherry expanded her massage practice to various spas and retreats, as well as an accumulation of private clients all throughout Northern California.  With this, her path as an artist began to flower.

Sherry began a 10 year stint setting up altars and sacred spaces, becoming an independent videographer, creating conscious events, organizing sensuality parties, joining a collective called the Tantric Circus, drumming and playing with several samba bands, becoming a raw food chef and organizing a spiritual women's circle that is open to all sisters who wish to attend.  Sherry's belief is that it is not our abilities in life that define us, but our choices that do. She is committed to supporting a world where multi-faceted women live and breathe life to the fullest!