Guest – Bill Kemp

William (Bill) Kemp, is V.P. Engineering for an energy sector corporation, where he leads the development of low environmental impact hydroelectric and agricultural biogas systems. Bill is a leading expert in small and mid-scale renewable energy technologies. He is the author of the best selling books The Renewable Energy Handbook, $mart Power: An Urban Guide to Renewable Energy and Efficiency, and Biodiesel: Basics and Beyond.

Mr. Kemp is a co-author of the David Suzuki Foundation report Smart Generation: Powering Ontario with Renewable Energy. In addition he is the chairman of electrical safety standards committees with the Canadian Standards Association and is a member of an Ontario Power Authority working group, developing renewable energy policy for the province.

Mr. Kemp has appeared on dozens of television, radio, magazine, news and podcast programs and documentaries, working to engage North Americans on the need to follow an environmentally sound, sustainable pathway.