Guest – Kim Switnicki

Kim Switnicki, Founder and CEO of Lioness for Lovers, is an international speaker focused on helping women Unleash their Inner Lioness. As a sex educator and internationally accredited coach she specializes in providing women ways to improve their sensual, sexual selves to experience deeply satisfying relationships even if only with themselves.

For more than 25 years she has spoken with thousands of women promoting healthy, positive sexuality. Kim has been profiled in newspapers and international webcasts. Her free E-Book and monthly newsletter “!” are well regarded as sources for empowering you to enhance your lovemaking, live your sexual truth and transform your whole life. She is the author of the “G-Spot PlayGuide: 28 Days to G-Spot Heaven!” She also produced “Freedom from your Leaky Bladder”, a sexual health DVD, CD and workbook program to help women with incontinence.

She works with clients across North America both individually and in groups through fun and educational seminars, workshops and coaching. Her semi-monthly free Sexual Truth calls provide a forum for getting answers to intimate or difficult questions about sexuality and intimacy.

Kim’s company, Lioness for Lovers, has been providing a “Fun Sex Ed. For Women” experience since 1998. Her product line (available through the website or mail-order) is designed to expand your lovemaking and continues to grow and develop along with her desire to assist as many people as possible reach their sexual potential!

Let Kim guide you as you embrace your sexuality in ways you’ve only dreamed of.