Guest – Sil Lai Abrams

Empowerment specialist and Men's Fitness magazine relationship expert Sil Lai Abrams is the author of No More Drama: Nine Simple Steps to Transforming a Breakdown Into a Breakthrough and creator of the Self Empowerment Principles In Action (SEPIA) process.

She has one mission: to help others stop surviving from crisis to crisis and start living an authentic and empowered life. Her personal experiences of overcoming issues such as depression, addiction, sexual assault and domestic violence give her a unique perspective into the hearts of those struggling with their own disempowering and self-destructive behaviors.

An insightful and engaging media personality, Sil Lai has made frequent appearances on ABC, BET, BETJ, and Court TV as an expert on relationships, depression and suicide.  Sil Lai is also a highly sought after public speaker and workshop facilitator.  The National Medical Association, Dress for Success, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness are just a few of the distinguished organizations that have used her public speaking services.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Sil Lai actively works to empower young people.  She is a former Dade County Guardian Ad Litem and current mentor with The Children’s Aid Society P.I.N.S. Program.  Born in Hawaii and raised between Southern California and Central Florida, Sil Lai resides in Brooklyn, New York with her two children.