Guest – Jason Heller

Jason Heller is Executive Vice President of Laredo Group, a veteran digital media agency executive, respected industry leader, speaker and author, who has pioneered many digital media approaches and processes that have become best practices today. Jason was co-founder and CEO of Mass Transit Interactive, a unique independent digital media agency, who helped industry leading brands utilize media, technology and data, to reach, engage, influence, acquire and retain customers. Through his vision and leadership, Mass Transit became recognized industry-wide as a top digital shop, and in 2005 the agency was acquired by Horizon Media, the largest independent media buying agency in the world. Heller transitioned to the role of Managing Director of Horizon Interactive for two more years, where he continued to expand the digital media, relationship marketing and analytic capabilities of the agency.

Currently at Laredo Group, Jason provides public and private training and consults agencies and brands on how to best navigate and leverage the changing digital media landscape. He focuses on methods to engage, and influence consumers, and how to create brand advocates.

The Digital Blur is a blog by Jason Heller, a digital media executive, thought leader, public speaker and author. Since 1995 Jason has been successfully leveraging digital media to help industry leading brands reach, engage, influence, acquire and retain customers. The The Digital Blur focuses on the changing dynamics of existing and emerging digital channels and what it means for marketers