Guest – Anton Diaz

Richard “Anton” Diaz enjoyed a 25 year career as a professional competition ballroom  dancer where he twice represented United States at World Dance Championships and achieved a World Title in Latin dancing. His training in the both the physical and psychological aspects of partnership dancing led him to appreciate the powerful “dance between the sexes” and the necessary integration in order to achieve mutual goals and purposes.

He is a certified Taoist Instructor under Master Mantak Chia a certified Tantric Sexual Healer and creator of a special sensual massage video entitled “Sensual Loving Touch.”

He founded in New York City in 1990 as a sex-postive education center specializing in the upraising of consciousness through Tantric and Taoist sexual cultivation practices.

He blends his knowledge and skills of partnership dancing, with ancient sexual cultivation practices that develop greater capacities for pleasure, health, and personal transformation. He has hosted well over 100 Educators through his Sexy Spirit’s learning center in New York City which include Jack Painter, Pelvic Heart Integration , Dr. Patricia Taylor in Expanded Orgasm, , Sheri Winston, and Dr. Deborah Anapol,

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