Shows in Sexuality category

Expanded Lovemaking
Expanded Lovemaking with Dr. Patti Taylor

Enjoy juicy and informative interviews with the acclaimed author Dr. Patti Taylor of and the Expand Her Orgasm Tonight System - 21 Day Program for Partners, as she talks wit...more

On the Minds of Men
On the Minds of Men with Dr. Lori Buckley

Do you want a hot, juicy sex life? Are you a great lover? Do you know how to get the sex you want? Can you drive your woman wild? Let us help you turn up the heat in your relationship. Dr. Lori Buckley, ASSECT Certified Sex Therapist and Do...more

Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra
Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra with Francesca Gentille

Tantra, Tantric Sex, Kama Sutra... Many people believe you can get closer to God through a practice of sacred sensuality by raising your erotic energy. Learn lovemaking positions so you and your lover can connect with higher powers and create d...more

Sex, Love and Intimacy
Sex, Love and Intimacy with Chip August

What is sex? And who said so? Welcome to the show that brings sex out of the closet. Sex, Love & Intimacy will help you embrace the fullness of your sexual experience and help you reach new levels of intimacy, pleasure and satisfaction with you...more

Taste of Sex - Erotic Poetry
Taste of Sex - Erotic Poetry with Marcie

OneTaste (, a community of the world's leading experts in mindful sexuality recite their handcrafted poetry about love, sexuality, intimacy, and romance. Sharing personal experiences, based on their direct experience of investigat...more

Taste of Sex - Guest Speaker
Taste of Sex - Guest Speaker with Beth C

OneTaste (, a leading educational organization in the field of relationships, intimacy and mindful sexuality offers a lecture series of wide ranging interest – from leadership and purpose to music, spirituality and sexualit...more

Taste of Sex - Reality Audio
Taste of Sex - Reality Audio with Sean

Recently the subject of a feature article in the New York Times, the OneTaste community explores what it means to be an everyday person living an extraordinary life. Found at the intersection between mindfulness and sexuality, community and ...more