Detailed information on podcasts and blogs
to help you

If you think podcasts are kind of confusing, you’re not alone! It’s a very new technology and everyone is getting up to speed.

We’ve also posted a video below for you to watch.

Blogs may be a little more comfortable to you now that all the political pundits are using them. Blogs are like a journal and website got married and had a baby named “blog.”  Writers are called “bloggers” and they “post” their thoughts with reasonable frequency.

Blogs are websites you read and on which you can also comment.

The bloggers on Personal Life Media are opinionated experts and innovators in their respective fields. If you are watching some of our audio programming, either from our site or on your iPod or MP3 player, you might enjoy the companion content in our blog network.

Podcasts are a generic term for audio or video programs you can get on your MP3 player or iPod.  They are like “radio shows” on the Internet.

Click here for a video clip from Grunt Media that explains more about Podcasting and RSS Feeds.
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