Episode 21: [email protected] 2009 Maker Faire

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Blues, Jazz and some awesome singing at the RockTheBike Stage at The 2009 Maker faire

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We’re back again at the 2009 Maker Faire with the Rock The Bike Stage! The Maker Faire is the byproduct of Make magazine, published by O’Reilly Media. The Rock The Bike stage is a very special venue developed and produced by the Rock The Bike organization in Berkeley.  This very cool group of folk are bicycle enthusiasts as well as innovative inventors.  The Rock the Bike stage is actually a portable stage and sound system which is fully powered by dynamos driven by pedal power.  The entire stage and sound system also breaks down and fits onto a series of bikes which are pedaled from one location to another all over San Francisco gathering audiences and fellow bike lovers all over town.  These guys push the limits of bicycle culture… their dream… “is to help spread the spirit of the bike into the broader culture by organizing, entertaining, inspiring, educating, and inventing new ways to get the message out there. And more importantly, we help our customers spread the message in their communities.”
This troup of really cool folks ride/concerts all over the bay area as well as other locales such as my old home town of New York.
There’s a number of regular performers including Oona Garthwaite, who I got to hear but not record… major bummer cause Oona and her band were one of the best of the weekend…  there’s also Fossil Fool, the bike rapper who seemed to manage a lot of the stage while we were there…   and luckily for me… and you Shake Your peace.  But first we start off with Quinn DeVeaux and The Blue Beat Review… I was lucky to capture a couple of their numbers before I got kinda crowded off the turf by bouncing little people…