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Well known band Cracker performs without a rhythm section at the Abbey and brings the house down!


We return this week to the Abbey at the Hopmonk Tavern for what is our first relatively known pro band.  Cracker has a number of hits including the well known song called “Low”.  The Abbey was totally booked for this one and the dance floor was completely filled.  I had to really fight to retain my spot front and center because the Cracker fans were in force.  This time around Cracker was just the two front guys; David Lowery and Johnny Hickman That is they tried it without a rhythm section.  David hit the guitar with his thumb on every strum which kinda sounded like a bass drum cadence as you’ll hear… I have to admit I was only familiar with their known songs so overall this was a new band for me… not for the audience.  Sorry… I could not control the singing around me!