Episode 13: Seraphin @ The Ace

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Classic rock and roll jammin ala Northern California.


This week we’re back at the Ace in the Hole Pub to hear a band that fully represents the region.  As you’ll hear Seraphin captures the Northern Ca classic rock sound with a blend of blue grass rhythms, rock melodies and funk riffs.   
Micheal the guitarist and lead male vocals came up to me my first night at the Ace and came right out and asked to be on the show… It’s my pleasure to oblige. It was a large Saturday night crowd looking to get into a party show and Seraphin makes for a great party band!
Seraphin gave the impression of a close family… at one point I started to get the feeling they were actually related, but no…  they’re a family in music only. 
Seraphin is made up of:
Michael Parlengas on Guitar and lead vocals
Claudia Belle on Vocals
Karl Jesse on Drums
Ken Braziel on Bass
Cole Alanson on keyboard