Episode 11: Jugdealers @ Tattoos and Blues

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Old fashioned Blues with the Jug Dealers at the Tattoos and Blues Festival

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This time we’re going on a journey to a different place… in more then one way...  For this episode we go to the Flamingo Resort and Spa in Santa Rosa Ca for the annual Tattoos and Blues Festival.  Each year tattoo artists from all over the region converge for an exhibition of art, mass tattoing and a presentation of the Blues. Our Blues presenters are a band called The JugDealers.
The Jugdealers are a local act in and include a fellow named Brino Wilkinson who sings and plays the uhh… whiskey box…  you hear what I mean.  Anyway, thanks to Brino, who is a regular at the Ace In The Hole, I was able to convince Geoffrey, the owner of the Ace that doing the podcast was a good thing and Geoffrey let me do our recordings there.  Thanks to Geoffrey it also made it easier to get The Hopmonk to agree to the recordings and I expect it’s a matter of time for all the venues to want you all to hear some of their shows.  I’ve only just scratched the surface. Getting the venue to agree to let me record the show is actually the trickiest part of doing this show.  So if it weren’t for Brino it would have been a lot harder.  
As usual this show is all recorded in binaural stereo for a surround effect.  The sound hits the mics in the same way it hits your ears…  as long as you wear heaphones or earbuds.   However, you listen over speakers it will still sound better then average stereo… I am told that some sound systems can get the 3D effect such as the Bose system, but I recommend listening with a good pair of headphones and it’s like being there!
So here’s some of the first set of the Jugdealers in the lounge of the Flamingo!
After the first set I took a walk through the exhibit hall…  and turned on the mics…   come with me as we walk through booth after booth of in-process tattooing.
Thanks to Izzy LaPlante the organizer of the Tattoos and Blues event for allowing me to record as well as the comp tickets.  
If you are seriously considering having a tattoo injected into your epidermis it would figure that coming to a show like this would be a very good idea.  While here you could get a good sample of all the different styles and images each artist has to offer.  You can compare artists and make a relatively informed decision as to who will do the job.  Too bad they don’t let us shop for surgeons in this way…
Each booth displays screen versions of art samples as well as photo albums of past work.  Almost every booth had a customer who was in the process of getting inked.  As you can hear…
Artists hailed from all over the West Coast and as you can guess there were also quite a bit of motorcycle organizations there as well including uhh… one motorcycle club in particular… well… I’d rather not mention them…