Episode 10: The Bridge @ Hopmonk

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We go back to The Abbey at Hopmonk Tavern for a southern rock, blues band called The Bridge


This episode returns to The Abbey at the Hopmonk Tavern in Sebastopol ca.  
This time around we’re featuring a band out of Baltimore Maryland with a Southern rock / blues sound called The Bridge. These guys had a strong stage presence… something I always look for in a live act.  I mean you can have awesome stuff coming out of the studio… but when you are live… to me it’s the most important way of presenting your stuff.  To me stage presence is how each band member stands, how they react to their own sound, how they react to the audience… but most importantly it’s a visual confidence which matches the groove their maintaining.   I enjoy seeing the performers stand up and take complete control… and these guys did.  This shouldn’t be a surprise though… a scan of their website and their myspace page and you can see they have been all over and polished their show.  By the way  watch out for Kenny the beat boxer…  it’s his mouth.. not the drums.
During this performance I was seated at one of the few tables situated about midway in The Abbey.  At the start of the show most of the people there were behind me, but as this band started belting the songs out the crowd slowly moved to the front of me… eventually the whole crowd was right at the stage and reacting to these guys.  Great stuff… great show…
The Bridge is made up of:
Cris Jacobs - Guitar/Vocals
Kenny Liner - Mandolin/Vocal Percussion
Dave Markowitz - Bass/Vocals
Patrick Rainey - Sax
Mike Gambone - Drums
Mark Brown –Keys