Episode 10: Nikon News, Using a tripod, cheat sheet

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This week Kerry and David discuss the new Nikon D700, the new Nikon Tilt-Shift Lenses, and the new Nikon SB-900 Flash.

Are you too “Pro” to use a tripod? Think again as we discuss different tripods types and why you need to have a good tripod.

Assignment: Build a Portrait Cheat Sheet
Take images of someone rotating through 180 degrees to see how the light changes on the person’s face. Post your cheat sheets to our Flickr group.

Picks of the week

The R-Strap camera strap

Drobo 2.0 Drive Enclosure

Your hosts this week are Kerry Garrison (http://L7Studios.com) and David Esquire (http://esquirephotography.com).