Episode 24: Shawn Phillips Pt 2 Hitting the Wall vs. Balanced Recovery

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Are you noticing instability in your life as you push closer to your limits of performance? Operating at "full-bore" may not be the best way to get where we want to go.

Shawn Phillips advises that for optimum performance, rest can be just as important as exertion. This applies to our physical bodies as well as our profession, our personal relationships and our purpose in life.

"Recovery is like the silence between the notes, that makes the music." Says Shawn.

For many of us, our lives are driven by our attachment to our goals. Shawn and Tripp also explore the possibility that there is a difference between commitment and attachment. Attachment is our dependence on an outcome. Commitment is our willingness to "play" regardless of the outcome. When we get too far into attachment we lose focus, lose our power, and lose our ability to remain present in the moment.

"I'm committed to the game without attachment to the outcome" Shawn says.

Listen as Tripp continues his dialogue with Shawn Phillips, Author and Human Performance expert.