Episode 80: Reuvain Bacal - How to Handle a Breakup or Loss

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How do you handle a breakup or the loss of something big in your life?

Do you “man up” and act like nothing’s wrong, go numb or collapse into a pitiful pity party?

And how can you keep this loss from festering and infecting your future relationships?

This week we’re talking about breakups and loss. Listen in as Reuvain Bacal and I lay out some options to help you get through the tough times and come out a stronger man.

This is an extra special episode. We’ve had tons of requests to dive into this topic so we spent the extra time delivering even more helpful information that you can use today.

In this episode:

  • Why do men have a tendency to isolate when they struggle?
  • Should a guy just “get back on the horse” or “spend some time alone”?
  • How can a bad breakup infect future interactions with women?
  • Why do we idealize our partner after they’re gone?
  • How does stress from the breakup or loss ravage your body?
  • Why is acting like a tough guy actually a sign of weakness?
  • How to avoid collapsing into your own self pity?
  • How do you work with intense emotions and confusion?
  • What can you do to help the recovery process move along quicker?
  • When is it okay to get back into dating?
  • How can breakups be a catalyst for getting your life on track?
  • When is it time to get professional help?