Episode 77: Kendra Cunov - What is Polyamory and How do Open Relationships Work?

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Is polyamory just a fancy word for sleeping around when you’re in a committed relationship?

Do all open relationships end in a self absorbed, sex-crazed disaster? 

And what can you learn from the mother of a newborn who stayed home last night while her husband was on a date?

This week, Kendra Cunov is on The New Man to discuss her experience with polyamory and open relationships.

Kendra is the mother of a newborn and also the wife in an open marriage. In this episode she talks about her extensive experience with polyamory and open relationships. You will not want to miss this interview.

In this episode:

  • What is Polyamory?
  • Open relationships
  • Open marriage and pregnancy
  • How to be parents and be in an open marriage
  • Not just for about the sex
  • Does wanting an open relationship mean something is wrong with your current relationship?
  • The number 1 pitfall of open relationships
  • What about jealousy?
  • Is having an open relationship a lot of work?
  • Why do open relationships fail?
  • What needs to be in place before a couple would try an open relationship?