Episode 75: Bryan Bayer - Sexual Hang Ups and How to Overcome Them

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Bryan Bayer -- Sexual Hang Ups and How to Overcome Them

Are you one of those guys who gets all squirmy when the topic of sex comes up?

What are your beliefs around sex? Is it dirty and bad? Or fun and nourishing?

And how does your relationship TO sex affect EVERYTHING in your life -- especially your interactions with women?

This week Bryan Bayer is here to talk about how all of us have hang ups with fornication and what you can do to today to have a better sex life.

In this episode:

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  • What are the blocks that come up for guys around sex?
  • All of us have some hang ups or hooks around sex
  • Not owning desire has us making small talk, talking bullshit
  • Your relationship to sex is communicated LOUDLY outside of the bedroom
  • Women can feel where you’re hung up on sex
  • How can some guys “get away with” talking explicit about sex with women?
  • If you’re not comfortable with yourself as a primal, sexual being it will show up in many areas of your life
  • It affects guys in relationships too
  • Are you bringing your raw masculine attraction to the bedroom?
  • Guys can be in touch with their raw masculine but at the same time objectifying their partner
  • Guys can be in a connected space with their partner but lacking a true passionate ground
  • Sex with heart, raw/primal energy is an ideal
  • Macho Jerk is all about the cock, raw/primal energy but no heart
  • New Age Wimp is all about the heart connection but lacks his primal/raw energy
  • Growing up with guilt/shame around sex
  • Physical blocks
  • Protecting your balls
  • Pay attention to where you hold tension in your body
  • Breathing fully can impact sexual polarity
  • Emotional blocks
  • Belief structures
  • “Sex is...” fill in the blank
  • Find your unconscious beliefs around sex
  • Interpersonal blocks -- Relationship blocks
  • Sex is suffering because relationship is suffering
  • Punishing our partner or vice versa
  • Not feeling safe with our partner or vice versa
  • Resonance vs polarity
  • David Deida -- masculine and feminine
  • Polarity and intensity come from not doing everything together
  • The importance of the Man-cave
  • Quality of time vs quantity of time with your partner
  • Emotional hang ups
  • Fear of sex
  • Performance anxiety
  • Notice where you hold tension, how full is your breathing
  • Take a look at your belief structures around sex
  • Notice where you’re holding back emotions
  • If you’re holding back in your relationship, start being more straight forward
  • If you feel that the relationship is losing its zing, be willing to spend less time together in service of creating more passion and polarity
  • Authentic Sexual Power -- DVDs and CDs
  • Very explicit and informative 
  • Practices
  • For more information on the Authentic Sexual Power DVD Set visit:
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