Episode 60: Decker Cunov & Bryan Bayer -- AMP 2.0 Is Your Life on Autopilot?

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Looking back, we can see how millions of small decisions made by thousands of people managed to put our economy in the toilet. It’s this disconnect or inability to see how our “small” actions impact not just ourselves but the rest as a whole.

So how are the little decisions you make daily -- places where you’re just rolling along on autopilot -- creating a doomsday scenario for you?

Where are you asleep at the wheel? How would you know? 

The guys and gals at AMP (Authentic Man Program) are here to talk about a new program that is less focused on relating with women and all about getting your entire life on the right track.

You won’t do it alone, but you just may have a blast. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • AMP -- No longer just focusing on relating with women
  • Focusing on living an inspiring life
  • Are you lit up by your life?
  • This leads to great success with women
  • It’s about living an amazing life as a whole
  • Shitty economy as a motivator for living with more integrity
  • Micro-breaks in integrity
  • Just going with the flow
  • Allowing things to just happen even if we’re not in alignment with them
  • Shows us how important integrity is individually and collectively
  • Little things add up and impact all of us
  • What is the impact of my actions on other people?
  • Being disconnected from the things that make a huge impact in our life
  • Being on autopilot in your life
  • Taking things for granted
  • Being disconnected from our decisions means it is easier to be out of integrity
  • Recognizing how our actions impact others
  • Seeing where in our lives we’re “going through the motions”
  • Helping people see where they’re sleepwalking
  • Challenging each other, having fun, lighting a fire under our ass
  • How do I know if I’m sleepwalking?
  • Do the things I do nourish me?
  • People around us can support us in our sleepwalking
  • Getting more explicit about why you do what you do
  • Getting clear about what you really care about
  • Enjoying yourself more as part of the process
  • Recognizing what is already amazing in your life
  • If I’m really happy in my life I don’t need to buy a bunch of stuff
  • Save money by being happier with what you already have
  • Being needy means being out of relationship to what really matters to you
  • Consumerism: Buying stuff to fill a hole in your life
  • Using people to feel better about yourself
  • Getting in touch with what is most important
  • Waking up out of your own sleepwalking
  • Relating with women as a metaphor for living your life
  • Who is AMP 2.0 for?
  • Back to basics: getting finances together, taking care of your body, improving your living situation
  • Clearing out emotional, mental, relational leaks that drain you of energy
  • Reclaiming energy instead of just trying to get by
  • No man left behind, price is not a barrier to participate
  • What are guys really challenged by, what do they want to learn?
  • 7 week online course
  • Kicking Tripp’s ass for fun