Episode 23: Shawn Phillips: Health is Killing You!

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Is settling for mere "health" actually sending you to an early grave? We all think health is something we should be happy with when we have or something to get back to when our health fails us.

Shawn Phillips will not settle for mere "health."

Shawn calls us to enter a life of Strength, a place where our abundant health can serve us in all aspects of our lives and allow us to put ourselves out there in the world.

We've all taken up a workout routine, trying to get "back in shape" because we think we should. Shawn invites us to get past the should's, and find our true strength, the source of our potential greatness.

From this place, the weight room becomes an expression of the abundance of our lives, and our bodies will show the results.

Listen to Shawn and Tripp talk about how to stop "doing fitness" and start being fit.