Episode 6: Is it Necessary to Get Close to Death to Live Life?

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In the final episode of our three-part in-depth conversation with Jayson Gaddis we explore the deepest truths of men's Rite of Passage work and how we can bring this truth to our everyday lives.

What happens when we step out of our "safe zone" and why are some constantly chasing the adrenaline rush in danger? Jayson talks with us about the power of stepping out of this "safe zone" and how embracing our "edge" can become a practice in our lives.

We pulled together some resources to start you off on this very effort. They are all centralized here at mensgroupresource.com.

This is Part 3 of three-part series. Listen to Part 1: Join a Fraternity! Be All That You Can Be! Now You're a Man! Right? & Part 2: Is it Necessary to Get Close to Death to Live Life?

Additional Resources:

- innernature.org
- Authentic Man Program
- school of lost borders
- mankindproject.com
- Way of the Superior Man
- Fire in the Belly: On Being a Man
- Into the Wild
- FightClub.com