Episode 7: Looking to Redefine your Monogamous Relationship?

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Every man has had wandering thoughts or wandering eyes at some point during his committed relationship. Most likely it happens every day! Should we be avoiding these thoughts—repressing them so we don't hurt our partners?

Absolutely not, according to LiYana Silver, it's part of what makes you a man. So why do our special ladies seem to get so pissed off about it?

It likely has to do with our ability to stay connected to them. If we can develop strong, healthy constant connection to our partners, there is no limit to our freedom. We might even go so far as to take our relationship outside of the normal rules of monogamous commitment if that's what we want to do, according to LiYana.

Listen as LiYana lets us in on the secret "Kryptonite" that melts the resistance and defensiveness of any woman in relationship to establish true, deep connection. This connection is liberating for men in relationship, as we will feel the reigns loosen through trust.



Areas of Conversation: relationship, couples, polyamory, monogamy, deep relationship, healthy communication