Episode 8: Is Pornography Great for a Relationship?

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Porn is a part of nearly every man's sexual life. LiYana points out that a little porn is good for spice here and there, but too much porn can be junk-food, polluting our healthy relationship and distracting us from connection to our partner. She urges us to practice in the bedroom, giving our full energy to our partners.

LiYana then shares with us the key differences in how men and women open emotionally in relationship. Bringing a little consciousness to these differences is often enough to get through the hang-ups and into the true depths of connection.

Learn how to express love and the other things you love in your life rather than the typical compromise of love or these things. If you are experiencing resistance to commitment, get in touch with what are you going to lose by entering into a committed relationship? "Get in touch with that, then we can work with it," she says. You can have something EXACTLY the way you want it.

There's plenty of love to go around. Learn about the different styles of intimacy men and women bring to the table. Find out what absolutely has to be there if you want to take your relationship beyond monogamy.

Relationship lived in this way will call us to be our highest expression of a man.


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