Episode 9: Women are Not Just a Pain in the Ass?

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We're dodging flying coffee mugs right now for even suggesting that, but that's how it can feel to a guy now and then. What is going on with the women of our lives in these moments of apparent torture?

This week we sit down with the amazing women of the Authentic Man Program and they share with us a little bit about how women work. We learn how women perceive men and how we can "show up" more fully to experience new depths in meeting, dating, and serious relationships with women.

The Authentic Man Program is a San Francisco-based workshop that helps men learn to look deep inside themselves and connect with their deepest truth. It also shows them how to take that awareness out into the world to meet and relate to other people—especially women.

Kendra, Shana, and Alexis give us a glimpse inside what they bring to the Authentic Man Program and share with us some practices we can use to deepen our relations with the opposite sex.

Far from being a pain in the ass, these women (and all women really) are our trusted allies in finding our deeper selves and finding intense connection with a partner.


- Authentic Man Program

Areas of Conversation:
presence, relationship, couples, inner game, seduction, meeting women, deep relationship, healthy communication