Episode 10: Status is the Enemy of Contentment

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Is your career really aligned with your life's purpose? How important is a man's purpose in life when choosing a career?

This week we sit down with Marty Nemko, Career Editor for U.S. News and World Report and Kiplingers.com and get his unique perspective on career and the popular stereotype of men.

Marty brings a no-nonsense approach to his career advice, but there is wisdom in his perspective. He tells us what the most rewarding careers have in common and what to look for when seeking that perfect job. He flips conventional wisdom on its head and looks at the truth behind the flashy careers like doctors and lawyers and why these may not be the best paths to a rewarding life.

Marty is also passionate about how men are seen in today's western society. He argues that the portrayal of men as incompetent, aggressive, and powerless is not only inaccurate, but is having a harmful effect of the psyche of men and buys.

Listen as he shares with us what he has learned from a lifetime of writing and research on professional life and specifically men's roles in society.