Episode 13: Robert Augustus Masters: Are you Stuck in the Friend Zone?

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Robert Augustus Masters is an Integral Psychotherapist and group leader. Integral means that he is working with mind, body, emotion and conditioning in a flowing and organic way.

Robert works with guys who have the balls to make the changes to make their lives better. His work focuses primarily on the body, as men tend to get "stuck in their heads" and cut off from their feelings. Some women can feel this and may experience the man to be less trust-able and less desirable because of it.

The "Friend Zone" is the place men go when they are not in touch with our true power. Masters clarifies that power does not mean overpowering and that there is a real difference between anger and aggression. When men get in touch with the power from their core, they are more authentic, trust-able and attractive to women.

Robert insists that vulnerability is not weakness but, in fact, authenticity. If we can learn to be vulnerable without crumbling, we can be more in touch with our lives and other people.

This is part 1 of a two-part series. Listen to Part 2: Robert Augustus Masters: Fear is Just Excitement in Drag.


- robertmasters.com
- Feldenkrais
- Boulder Center for Integral Living

Areas of Conversation:
anger, power, men's issues, vulnerability, men's groups