Episode 14: Robert Augustus Masters: Fear is Just Excitement in Drag

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In Part 2 of our discussion with Robert Augustus Masters, he breaks it down to the practical level for us. Robert talks about several practices we can do to "get in our bodies" and get in touch with our true power.

"Repressed anger is as harmful as inappropriately expressed anger," Masters says when describing how to allow emotions to arise naturally. He says healthy anger is "the guardian of healthy boundaries."

Robert talks about being present to the emotions that are arising and giving them space to be expressed authentically.

When he says "Fear is excitement in drag," Masters is talking about the similarity of the emotions of fear and excitement as they are felt. When we allow the emotion to arise, without avoiding it, fear can be an exhilarating and useful emotion.

If you haven't already, we recommend listening to Part 1: Are you Stuck in the Friend Zone? to hear more of Robert's understanding supporting these practices.

- robertmasters.com
- Feldenkrais
- Boulder Center for Integral Living

Areas of Conversation:
fear, emotion, repression, anger, power, men's issues, vulnerability, men's groups