Episode 16: Alissa Kriteman: Just for Women

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Do you ever wonder what women talk about when we're not around?

We sure do, that's why we had to get an insiders perspective from relationship consultant Alissa Kriteman.

Alissa hosts the hugely successful podcast Just for Women: Dating, Relationships, and Sex. She talks with experts about all the issues facing women in the world and helps her listeners live fuller lives with better relationships.

Given her experience talking with women, we thought she might have some insights for The New Man...she definitely did!

Alissa gives us the female perspective on how we, as men, show up in the world of women most of the time. She details the differences of worldviews experienced by men and women and how knowing these differences empowers us to have deeper, more authentic relationships.

Listen to this fun conversation with Alissa as we take a look inside the world of women. This is part 1 of a two-part series. Listen to part 2, Alissa Kriteman: Dating, Relationships, and Sex.


- Just For Women Podcast
- Meet the Dreamer, Alissa's Book
- Authentic Man Program (Alissa is a facilitator)
- Allison Armstrong

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