Episode 52: Stuart Davis: Spirituality and Dick Jokes

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In part 1 of our talk with Stuart Davis -- rock star, buddhist monk and host of “Sex, God, Rock n Roll” -- we hear how a “spiritual” guy can also be unapologetically rude and crude.

Stuart shares some hilarious stories about how he would rather be dead than conform to any means of authority -- family, religion, school, day jobs and women’s clothes included.

We also discuss:

  • it’s easy to be a punk and point out society’s shortcomings -- it takes skill to offer something constructive
  • his relentless pursuit of freedom has landed him in jail and almost killed him
  • drummers aren’t complete idiots (some of them at least)
  • how spirituality turned him into a self righteous asshole
  • how life can be enjoyable after the sparkle and “rush” has passed
  • what had him see the real meaning of his life

Be sure to keep an eye out for Stu's latest TV show "Sex God Rock n Roll" on HDNET this summer.