Episode 49: Steve Pavlina: What to do if You've Lost Your Job or Your Job is in Danger?

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Times may be a bit lean right now but the truth is, this is a great opportunity. 

Before you write us off as crazy, listen to what Steve Pavlina has to say about job loss, bankruptcy, and any of life's major challenges.

Personal development expert and massively popular blogger and author, Steve breaks it down for us in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: If you are not dead, this challenge will make you stronger.

Step 2: This is your opportunity to think about what you really want in life.

Step 3: Ask yourself what kind of goals inspire you right now.

If you move towards you inspiration fully, learn from your passion, and share it with the world, you can't fail according to Steve.

Listen as Steve puts it all in perspective and gives us some real advice on how to live our dreams.