Episode 45: Shawn Phillips: Getting Your A$$ Out of a Rut, And Into High Gear!

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Are you driving your life, or is it driving you?

In part two of our latest talk with Shawn Phillips we discuss:   

  • How to live your life in "thirds" instead of halves.
  • How to shift to the new "s-curve" for your life.
  • Why there really is no reason for your belly to keep getting bigger.
  • What is the alternative to the "mid-life crisis?"
  • How to pick your peak season this year.
  • Are you in touch with the joy in your life?
  • The keys to reaching mastery
  • The one thing you can do today to get on the path of strength.

Listen as Shawn Phillips helps us get on the path of strength, and get our lives back.