Episode 42: Jun Po Dennis Kelly: From Heroic Doses of LSD to the Spiritual Hero's Journey

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How can a heroic dose of LSD lead to a dedication to spiritual practice.  We'll according to Jun Po Dennis Kelly, that is the only way to go in order to find true freedom with true integrity.

Jun Po has spent his life committed to the truth, the deepest truth, and has the scars to prove it. In his psychedelic experimentation, he took extremely high dosages, much more intense than your average day-tripper.  Living on the fringes of the law landed him on a "government sponsored vacation," in federal penitentiary.  Yoga and Zen mastery helped him to focus his passion constructively.  Recently, Stage 4 throat cancer took his body to the very edge of survival and back. 

Jun Po's life on the edge has given him a serious gift for sharing the truth.

Listen as Jun Po Dennis Kelly shares his uncompromising journey to find out what lies beneath all the bullshit.