Episode 41: Marcus Buckingham: The Truth About You

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Marcus Buckingham wants you to be the best you can possibly be.  Not only that, he has a quick, effective program to help you get there. 

Marcus has made a career out of studying high performance people from business to sports and reverse engineering their secrets for success.  From this research he has learned some secrets to success that are in direct opposition to what we are taught growing up.

In our dialogue with Marcus, you will learn:

  • How do we define strengths?

  • Who is the best judge of your strength?

  • What do you call something you are very good at, that you don't like to do?

  • How do you make your strengths even stronger?

  • You are born perfect, how are you going to contribute that to the world?

  • How to create your "strong week" plan?

Listen as Marcus shows us how to amplify our strengths and make a real impression with our time here on Earth.

"It is your responsibility to offer your greatest, and longest lasting contribution to life." --Marcus Buckingham