Episode 35: Ed Fell: The Mankind Project

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How much bullshit are you tolerating?

Are there things you wish you could do before you die, but are not getting around to them?  Are you tolerating a life that you never thought you would have, feeling that there is no way to change things?

Ed Fell wants to help us out.  As a longtime member of The Mankind Project, Ed points to the fact that men have no initiation ceremonies in American culture and often drift through life, unsure of themselves as a result.

We have heard several times on the New Man about the importance of initiation ceremony.  The Mankind Project is dedicated to giving men a healthy initiation to manhood and giving us an experience of who we truly are and what it feels like to be our authentic selves.  From that experience of initiation, The Mankind Project offers a close network of support and challenge, to help men live their lives to the fullest.

The last item on that "bucket list" might just be the journey inward, to really get to know ourselves.
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