Episode 34: Authentic Man Program: The Power of Integrity

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What the hell is integrity really? Why would it play an important role in our lives and our interactions with other men...and women?

This week we're talking again with our friends Bryan Bayer and Garrison Cohen of the Authentic Man Program, about their latest tools to help men achieve their true potential.

Listen as the fellas from AMP cover:

  • How our being nice can be the barrier to our own greatness;
  • How it is really our duty to express how we really feel, regardless of the outcome;
  • The importance of owning our attraction;
  • What we have to put on the line to evolve to the next level;
  • Where to find the arena to play our highest game;
  • Calling ourselves on our own bullshit;
  • The latest multimedia products from AMP;
  • How to put all of this theory in to real action.

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